Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Most Exhausting Thing So Far...

I have now officially worked on a pitch team. I have worked on an exiting client. I have worked on a loyal client. And I have worked on a client that cancels every job.

But the most exhausting thing about advertising so far has been...

worrying about job security.  

I know people say work hard, do great work, and your job is secure. But it's still not easy, when things loom overhead. 

My agency has ben great about doing its best to retain people. And they have been great in how they treat the people they're forced to let go. Still, this economy sucks. It's not a downturn, its slow-down, its just a sucky-economy. And in a sucky economy, Advertising creatives have little faith in the security of their jobs.

And that lurking thought in the back of your head. The one that seems to pop up every time I get a project down and there isn't something immediately waiting on me the second I'm done, is the most exhausting aspect of working in advertising.