Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doing Partner Work for Clients

I got to work on an amazing brand last week, sorry can't say who. They do a lot of cool work, they have their own identity and ideology. 

They are not a client of my agency. They are a partner of one of our clients. They are good partners, but their styles are mutually exclusive, so I had to write a print ad, a banner ad, and a poster in their voice, our art director had to lay it out in their style, and then our client got to slap their logo in the bottom LEFT hand corner lol.

If it runs, it will be a piece I put in my book because it shows a different voice than the work I do for Disney and Aircell, plus they lines kind of kick ass (not to brag or anything).

So why am I telling you this, oh future Ad Stars.

Because you spend your entire time in portfolio school making ads for a specific client, with a specific voice, a specific style, and a specific problem you're solving.

In the real world you'll make ads for a client that must include their partners, merge their voices, merge their style, and merge their problems into one cohesive message.

So think about that next time you see an ad in a magazine or a banner ad that is done with partner clients. Think how you would have done it so that both partners feel satisfied with the work, and you'd feel proud of the work. Because when you got to work, that's the type of things a junior works on lol. (lets see if I can say work anymore times. work, work, work,)

That's it for now.



  1. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog through googling Junior Copywriter. I was wondering if you had any advice on getting a job as a recent college graduate with a degree in English and no experience in advertising. Sound too dismal?


  2. Maggie,

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been super swamped and more than a little lazy about updating.

    In terms of advice.

    Send your book to everyone you know and a lot of people you don't.

    Don't have a book? Put one together, either with the help of a portfolio school or if you're disciplined enough, on your own.

    Then send that book to everyone you know and a lot of people you don't.

    Also, read this blog, and ask him a lot of questions.

    Greg = Super Genius Ad Guy.

    And feel free to email me.

    Good luck